Friday, July 23, 2010

8 Months

I can't believe how fast my baby is growing! I feel like i need to push pause and just enjoy each stage a little longer!
I can't get enough of this bug... Ooh i just love his kisses and squeezes!
* Jett is such a momma's boy, he reaches for me now- and makes his daddy mad!
* He army crawls with his head... it is so funny to watch. But he gets little rug burns on his forehead from pushing so hard.
* He is still nursing about 3 to 4 times a day, but likes his bottle too and holds it by himself which is wonderful!
* He still likes baby food mostly just fruit though, he is getting better at eating with his hands.
* He is soo smiley and happy, everyone comments on what a sweet happy baby he is.
* He is taking such good naps lately! and has really started liking his bed, he likes to just lay in there and talk.
* His legs are strong, and he can stand while holding on to something all by himself!
* He has two bottom teeth, and bites me! makes me so mad!!
* He Loves Loves Loves his brother! Anything Hudson does he wants to be a part of! When Hudson walks in the room Jett screeches for joy!
*He snuggles on my shoulder, my favorite part of life so far:)
*He adores his daddy, and loves playtime with brother and Dad!
If i could clone him, and have one more just like him- i would!!
It seriously makes me feel like I can handle a couple more If there was a guarantee they would be like Jett.

on a side note: We went to see toy story 3 and i balled my eyes out, Thinking my boys will someday grow up. And I will have to give all their toys away! I dread that day. I honestly can't think about it. I love this stage of life, and Selfishly want to prolong it as long as possible.... Any other moms with me on this?


The Dabo's said...

The second born is always the best! I remember saying if I could have a couple more Drew's I would! But I didn't, I had an Alex! I hope you don't have an Alex.
Both your boys are adorable!!!

Cassidy Miller said...

I hear ya! I have been so sad about Harlo becoming a big sister so soon. She's just still my little baby and I wish I could keep her just how she is.. just for a few more years. ;) They grow way too fast, it's so unfair!

Craig & Britta King said...

Jamie's comment cracks me up... haha. Jett is so sweet. How can you not want to eat him up? I love how he's a mini Huddy these days!

Jesse and Kimmie said...

I totally agree with you! and thanks for the warning b/c i don't think i could watch toy story 3 now. I'm the biggest pansy when it comes to sentimental stuff. it's not pretty.
and holy cow i love your new family photo! it is amazing how much huddy looks like steve and jett looks like you :)

Megan Andersen said...

Yes, I'm with ya...the thought of my small ones growing up means that I will grow older, & that definitely brings tears to my eyes!

Kyler + Jen said...

That is crazy that it has been 8 months already. Jett is so cute, he looks so much like you, except the blonde hair. We need to come see him and you guys.