Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Last 2 months......

So I totally suck at Blogging:) Being Prego and Summertime and no Air conditioning and Busy Busy are just some of my excuses:)
But here is a random update of July and August......
Steve and I were on the committee for The Pioneer Trek, and tell me you don't pee your pants laughing at us! I have to admit, the pregnant belly makes it over the top. I mean, I am a legit polyg! haha. Steve said his ancestors would be proud!:) But seriously a cool experience. They actually built a replica of the St. George Temple! Pretty Awesome.
I absolutely love when my boys hold hands! Haha it just melts my heart. Two little buddies, just playin away at the splash pad. I can't wait for there to be a 3rd little dude:)
A couple pics of Jettbug in his Sunday best:) He has got to be the cutest kid i've ever seen!
Hudson did swim lessons this summer, and has turned into quite the little fishy! I was such a proud mama watching him! And of course a couple pics of the First day of school!! Hudson could hardly wait! which i am sure that will change once he's a little older, but I'm sure glad he likes it now!:)
And then...... Our Trip to Sun Valley!! Soo much fun to hang out with my whole Family! We got completely spoiled and got to stay in a huge house all together, (thanks to aunt lees, and courtesy the Holdings) It was actually the House an episode of the Bachlorette was filmed:) So fun! I love being all together! And it so fun to see our kids play together!! I love that Hudson and Jett have cousins so close in age. Hudson and Peyton were inseparable, the picture of them walking together up the hill was one of my favs:)
And then of course there is my prego belly:) 30 weeks and counting!! its been a hot Summer, and I am ready for it to cool down and get this little Bambino safely here!!:)