Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I am such a sucker for these two! I absolutely love watching them play and grow together this summer. I need to write down a few milestones Jett has had the past month.
-He has two teeth! ouch!
-He sits up by himself
-He gets up and his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. (he is soo close to crawling)!
- He giggles and talks all day long!
- He is sleeping thru the night!!! WOO HOO!
-He loves his Brother!
-And He loves to be Snuggled by mama
- He is soo sweet and such a good baby!
I love you Jett Bug!



Jesse and Kimmie said...

Holy cow Jett looks just like you! I love these boys. Hopefully we can see each other soon so our kids can fall in love :)

Andrea, Ben & Cash said...

haha!! They look so dang cute!!