Monday, September 13, 2010

I am a Mother!

When someone asks me “what do you do?” I say “oh I’m Just being a mom”.
But I recently read a book that has inspired me to think and act different!!
I should say with complete confidence!!! “I am a Mother!”
“If we stop to think about what we do, really do, we are building for the centuries. We are building character, and tradition, and values, which meander like a river into the distance and out of our sight, but on and on and on.”
-Anna Quindlen, Loud and Clear

Seriously. I love that we can feel empowered as women to be mothers. We are building society as we know it. And we need to help build each other up. That’s one of the reasons i Love Blogging:) We are just a big huge support network for each other. I have had some of the hardest days of my life being a Mother. And it is so comforting to know that i can hop on the internet and find that all of you are right there in my shoes. Cleaning up poopy smears, and trying to find healthy snacks, and figuring out schedules that work, And loving these little monsters so much it hurts.

“ I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is. To create an environment that’s stimulating and nurturing, to pass on a sense of responsibility to another human being, to raise a child who understands that he or she is created from good and is capable of anything-I know for sure that few callings are more honorable. To play down mothering as small is to crack the very foundation on which greatness stands.”
-Jane Clayson Johnson, I am a Mother

Those are fighting words! They make my job feel important, and worthy. Contrary to what the world might portray.
Some times I feel a bit inadequate reading all yalls Blogs and Posts. But I am doing the best I can! I love being a Mother, more than I have loved anything I’ve ever been- But It’s harder and more challenging than anything I have ever experienced. I often find myself on my knees at night thanking Heavenly Father that this day is over, and asking for the strength to do it all over tomorrow. But my reward is when both of my boys are cuddled up next to me while I sing “ you are my sunshine” and they drift off to dreamland. Priceless. I am soo blessed.

So next time someone asks you “What do you do?” Shout “I am a Mother!”
Pass it on:)

And yes I recommend “I am a Mother” by Jane Clayson Johnson to all you mommies out there to get inspired.....:)