Friday, July 23, 2010

8 Months

I can't believe how fast my baby is growing! I feel like i need to push pause and just enjoy each stage a little longer!
I can't get enough of this bug... Ooh i just love his kisses and squeezes!
* Jett is such a momma's boy, he reaches for me now- and makes his daddy mad!
* He army crawls with his head... it is so funny to watch. But he gets little rug burns on his forehead from pushing so hard.
* He is still nursing about 3 to 4 times a day, but likes his bottle too and holds it by himself which is wonderful!
* He still likes baby food mostly just fruit though, he is getting better at eating with his hands.
* He is soo smiley and happy, everyone comments on what a sweet happy baby he is.
* He is taking such good naps lately! and has really started liking his bed, he likes to just lay in there and talk.
* His legs are strong, and he can stand while holding on to something all by himself!
* He has two bottom teeth, and bites me! makes me so mad!!
* He Loves Loves Loves his brother! Anything Hudson does he wants to be a part of! When Hudson walks in the room Jett screeches for joy!
*He snuggles on my shoulder, my favorite part of life so far:)
*He adores his daddy, and loves playtime with brother and Dad!
If i could clone him, and have one more just like him- i would!!
It seriously makes me feel like I can handle a couple more If there was a guarantee they would be like Jett.

on a side note: We went to see toy story 3 and i balled my eyes out, Thinking my boys will someday grow up. And I will have to give all their toys away! I dread that day. I honestly can't think about it. I love this stage of life, and Selfishly want to prolong it as long as possible.... Any other moms with me on this?


So Andre PoPcOrNeD me:)
And the first 5 songs on my Ipod that come up when set on shuffle are............
1.Justin Beiber and Sean Kingston-Eenie Meenie (haha Beiber Fever anyone?)
2.Keisha- Your Love is my Drug
3.Katy Perry- Hot n Cold
4.Taylor Swift- Superstar
5.Broken Bells- The High Road

So what if i listen to music like I am a fourteen year old:) I am by heart.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Tall Tales of Hudson Steven...

Meet Hudson Steven Holm, the kid with the most creative, vivid imagination ever. I love to listen to his stories all day long. And I am Talking ALL DAY LONG. This child can talk.... hmmmmm I wonder where he gets that from? We know it's not from his father:)
But lately i have been sad, thinking this stage will pass soon. And i haven't really written a lot of the funny things he says down. So i am going to try to keep up on the Tall Tales of this precious little boy, so that i can always have them to make me smile....

Story #1: Me: Hud what are you doing in there? Who are you talking to? Hudson: Oh mom, I am just talking to Rowber. He is my friend he came to play!
(Rowber is Huddy's Imaginary friend, he came to play about six months ago. And he never leaves:)
Me: Oh good, do you want some lunch? Hudson: no I don't, but Rowber wants some chocolate chips. They make him strong like a super hero!
(Rowber only eats candy and smoothies, what hudson wishes his diet consisted of)
meanwhile Jett starts to cry....
Hudson: mom! Jettbug is crying! Go fix him..... And fix Rowber's baby brother too!
Me: Rowber has a baby brother too? what is his name?
Hudson: ummm... His baby's name is ......Yogurt. Baby Yogurt! and he is cryin! And you need to call his mommy and daddy to feed him!
Me: OK what is his Mommy and Daddy's name, so i can call them?
Hudson: (not even a pause this time) His mommy's name is Doodle, and his daddy's name is Tuck ok! Just call them!

( i walk in to hudson talking on my old phone, that i gave him to play with)
Hudson: Mommy! Oh good I need your help!
Me: Ok What?
Hudson: Can you please help me Taxt all my friends, and invite them to Rowber's Party?
Me: Oh, you mean Text Message?
Hudson; Yes Taxt message Mom!
Me: Ok, well who you are you inviting to this party?
Hudson: We need to Taxt Chuck, and Jake, and Doug and Deek, and one more........ ummm Toad! Ok mom, taxt all those guys and tell them to come to Rowbers Party! Because there is gonna be a big Cake! And Everyone needs to bring Rowber a present! Tell them to bring him a SPECIAL Surprise! (in a whispery voice)

I get about ten of these stories a day... Oh how I love my little man:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."
I liked this quote, and thought it Perfectly described these two Besties:) Literally because I forget words all the time:) and a little deeper then that too. Sometimes I feel like I can't remember what I was like before the kids and Husband, and House duties and bills.... and you know the rest:) I literally feel like it was a different person living a life on another planet. So going to spend some "selfish" Girl Time was a breath of fresh air! I recommend it to every mommy out there:) It was so nice to just hang, and talk, and get in touch with that other Human I used to be:) Even though the stuff we talk about now is entirely different then the stuff we talked about back then, But that's what makes best Friends so AmaZInG! We can Relate and sympathize and Analyze, no matter What stages we are at in Life...
So thanks Girls for making our little 3 day Vacay Happen! I am truly Blessed to have you guys in my life. I love you with all my heart, and am so glad that you two can remind me of the girl I used to be, and help me with the Girl/mommy/wife that I am now.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I am such a sucker for these two! I absolutely love watching them play and grow together this summer. I need to write down a few milestones Jett has had the past month.
-He has two teeth! ouch!
-He sits up by himself
-He gets up and his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. (he is soo close to crawling)!
- He giggles and talks all day long!
- He is sleeping thru the night!!! WOO HOO!
-He loves his Brother!
-And He loves to be Snuggled by mama
- He is soo sweet and such a good baby!
I love you Jett Bug!



We celebrated on the 3rd:) But still had all our favorite Traditions! We went to the Parade, Made our Favorite Flag rasberry/blueberry cake! and of course lots and lots of swimming and sun!