Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some random events that don't go together:)

Potty Training!! So i have been taking it slow, but Hud is doing sooo great!! I am so proud of him in his big boy Diego Underwear! He wears them at home and does good. I haven't attempted to let him wear them out of the house yet:) But hopefully soon!
Over this past weekend I had Cort's kids and we went to the fair!! I told steve this was a test on how many kids we could handle:) We had a blast and made it through the night so we might not stop at two kids, three? four? who knows:)

Plus my hubby is extra hot pushing that extra longgg stroller!!
And of course We are sooooo Excited that Eliza Lynn King has finally arrived! She is too precious for words! And not to mention her mommy who looks AMAZING for just having her!

26 weeks plus!

So i can't believe how much better i feel this pregnancy!! I haven't thrown up in at least a month, and I crave things, and I actually like food! My last pregnancy I never EVER felt like eating and i threw up most of it anyway. I was sick for 30 + weeks so I am feeling great about where I am at! Of course I am still tired all the time, and I can't sleep at all. But still, this time around a much better experience. So I have to share what My doctor said last week!! I was in for just a routine check up, but the office was full so he put me in the ultrasound room. To my surprise I got an unexpected ultrasound! But he asked me "Now what did i say you are having?" I said "a boy!" And he continued to say "Well how sure was I?" ...."WHAT!!!" "I don't know, Your the doctor!!" SO after fishing around for awhile he comes to the conclusion that he thinks i am having a girl! But he wouldn't say for sure because the baby was in a weird position. So he says let's wait until your next appt. and we will confirm! So at this point I am freaking out! I don't have pink! ZERO PINK! and I need to start planning PRONTO, if that's the case. And i wasn't about to wait 4 more weeks to find out! SO... I scheduled a 3D ultrasound right away to figure this out once and for all. And after all that... I found that i was still having a boy! Which I am still excited about! But why did my doc have to go and get me all riled up for?! Moral of the story, With all this fancy technology, Nothing is 100%. So I am just gonna plan on blue and if I end up needing pink, I am gonna get to do one fast and impulsive shopping spree:)