Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy birthday to my BFF:)

So i am a couple days late for this post.... But better late then never:)

(plus those of you who know me, Know i am always late for everything)
I just wanted to tell Britta Lynn Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great birthday!
I have decided to write 50 things I know and love about britta... (we will leave 100 for craigers to do)
1. my bff for 13+ years
2. We used to be blondes:)
3. My favorite eating partner
4. An amazing Clogger
5. Loves the sunshine and can lay out for 12 hours straight
6. Showed me Destiny's child for the first time:)
7. Still has a blanky
8. Loves sour patch watermelons and anything else sour and sweet!
9. Is a wadrobe designer for the stars! (hehe)
10. Loves to travel
11. Is a great wake boarder and can Jump the wake!! Almost.
12. loves shopping, doesnt like spending money
13. is Organized and Scheduled- complete opposite of me:)
14. we used to line our lips with black eyeliner and then put mary kay lip gloss over the top!
15. the best break dancer at area 51.
16. I was always jealous of her long beautiful eyelashes
17. She has never been a fan of lots of hairspray
18. had her belly button peirced
19. once stayed out all night in Hawaii with boys we hardly knew! Scary!
20. all i am gonna say is Ro Ro
21. doesn't like things that are Rancid
22. Is very creative
23. Can sew
24. IS a good singer, but will never admit it!
25. Has driven a durango, a four runner, a BMW, an Audi....
26.I know every boy that she has ever kissed, and visa versa
27. Is AjA's biggest Fan!
28. was the first person I called when I kissed steve for the first time:)
29. Looks better then anyone in a bikini
30. Loves to read and is always reading something
31. Loves Chips and Salsa!
32. We have traveled the World together!
32. Is a supportive Friend
33. Someone I can always count on
34. Hates being Sick, especially throwing up!
35. Loves dogs
36. Can make killer german pancakes
37. Doesn't work out ever and always stays skinny! not fair!
38. Showed me Javiers
39. Is more like a sister then a friend
40. Kettle Corn and Mallow Magic
41. Was a back up dancer on the Queen Latifah show:)
42. I took her to New York for the first time
43. She took me to Paris for the first time
44. Is way better then me at card games
45. We both share a passion for shoes
46. Is a great new mommy!
47. Loves her family
48. Is a hard worker!
49. Is 28 years old!
50. Is the bestest friend a girl could ask for!

Love you Britt! Just want to say thanks for always being there for me at every important point in my life! We have so so so many memories together. I could have uploaded a billion pictures of all our adventures, but it would have taken forever! I am so incredibly happy that our plan worked out, We are both happily married and our having our babies together! Now they can grow up to be BFF's too!
love Jaim

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jett Bug

Have i mentioned how much i am love with this little guy?
A few things about Jett....
He is 8 weeks:)
He loves to take baths
He loves his big brother, everytime Hudson talks to him he smiles:)
I think he is a daddy's boy! He is sooo content when he is with steve.
He is smiling now! So sweet.... can't get enough.
He is easy to please.
He was a good sleeper, but now he is a hungry sleeper.
At his one month check-up he weighed 10 lbs 1 oz. Chubby!
He loves to be on his tummy! ( complete opposite of hud)

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So I know I am so slow.... But I had to post pics from the holidays. We had so much fun! My whole fam stayed with me over christmas... Hud and Jett had so much fun with all their aunts and uncles and cousins! Not to mention they got spoiled rotten! I felt so lucky to have a new baby at christmas time! Such a fun year!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lover boys:)

I love my boys so much!! Jett is smiling now and such a happy baby! Huddy is such a good big brother! I could not be a luckier mommy:)

Lovey Lovey Lovey

Oooh! I just want to squeeze him! I lovey lovey lovey him!