Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One year later! Ha!

So obviously I took a long break from posting! But I've decided to try and get on here and update a little more often hopefully:) Mostly because I'm missing Oppertunities to photo dump all our happenings!:) I don't like to overload instagram!!!:) but I do like to post more than one pic, and my little guys are growing too fast to keep up!!
So first post of the summer......
We went School shopping for my little Hud the Stud! Can NOT believe I am gonna have a kindergartener!! He is acting so old lately... Makes me want to stop time! I don't want him to get too big to snuggle me, or too cool to hold my hand. I'm feeling like I need to appreciate every second I get to spend with my sweet little boysies, because one day I'll wake up and they will be grown and not need me!! Ahh! Sad!:(
Love them more than words:)